Thursday, 31 July 2014

RWD & Mobile App Dev Weekly - 28 July 2014

moettinger/gulp-foundation5-template · GitHub
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thumbnail github­.com - This template combines Gulp.js and the Zurb Foundation responsive framework. I have also added some extras: For information related to Gulp.js or Foundation, visit these sources:
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

OneDrive Vs Dropbox Vs Google Drive

As previously stated, I used to use Dropbox to automatically back-up all my Android phone photos. However, I had an extra 50gb free, from Samsung, which recently expired and I switched to a Windows phone, which comes with OneDrive automatically set up. So I decided it was time to shop around and maybe move away from Dropbox.

There are lots of Cloud Storage providers, but DropboxOneDrive, and Google Drive are the main three.

At a glance:

OneDrive Google Drive Dropbox
Initial Free Space 15GB 15GB 2GB (2.5GB if refered)
Camera Backup Bonus 3GB 0 3GB
Refer a Friend Bonus 500MB 0 500MB
Max Refer a Friend Bonus 5GB 0 16GB
Max Free Space 23GB 16GB 21.5GB
Premium Pricing 100GB - £1.99pm
200GB - £3.99pm
100GB - $1.99pm
1TB - $9.99pm
100GB - $9.99pm
100GB - $99pa
Aprox Annual Price
for 100G in £GBP
£24 £15 £60

PC App
Mac App
iOS App
Android App
Windows Phone App x x
Blackberry App x x

Monday, 21 July 2014

RWD & Mobile App Dev Weekly - 21 July 2014

RWD & Mobile App Dev Weekly
Articles about Responsive Web Design and Mobile App Development

Responsive Design Principles -
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HTML5 Digest
thumbnail www­ - Responsive design is made possible by browser support for CSS3 Media Queries A "Responsive" web page or site is one that adapts its visual layout to suit the characteristics of the device used to v...
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