Monday, 22 October 2012

Instantly Backup Your Mobile Photos and Get 3gb Free Dropbox Space

If you haven't already registered with Dropbox, please use this link and we will both get an extra 500mb free.

Those of you that are already registered with Dropbox will know that you get 2gb (or 2.5gb, if referred) free as soon as you sign up, but you can earn additional free space by completing simple tasks, like linking your Facebook account and Tweeting about Dropbox.

If you complete all the tasks listed on their get more space page (except school race, upgrading and referring, as these may not be applicable), you gain a total of 875mb extra free space. However, there is an additional task that is not listed on that page that can gain you another 3gb.

If you install the iOS or Android app and enable automatic camera uploads, you get 500mb free as soon as you upload one picture and another 500mb for every 500mb you upload, up to a maximum of 3gb. Once enabled, every photo and video you take, with your phone camera, will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox, so if something happens to your phone, you still have your photos.

See 'How do I get free space for using Camera Upload?' for more details.

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